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  Sneha Sawant's Best Rangoli  

The festival of lights brings with it an array of colours to welcome the joyous season. A beautiful pattern of rangoli in red, blue, green, orange and yellow, festooned outside homes, pleases the goddess Laxmi at Diwali.


Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rang’ (colour) and ‘oli/aavali’ (rows), rangoli is nothing but a row of colour. Reputed as being one of the most ancient and striking art forms, the tradition of making rangolis enjoys significant importance in Hindu homes, and women of the household get deeply engrossed while creating intricate designs to decorate entryways, prayer rooms, house walls and courtyards.

To discover more about this creative form, Mrs. Sneha Sawant, Creative Rangoli Designer, who runs a workshop named “Kalakruti: The art of Rangoli” in Vile Parle, Mumbai. “Rangoli engages one to play with colours. It starts with a seed pattern and slowly builds around it,” says the vivacious professional designer. She explains, “The art of rangoli creation is reminiscent of tradition, good times, warm hospitality and extended festivities. Thus, for India, the importance of rangoli-making is tremendous. The patterns involved here are greatly inspired from nature; so designs such as peacocks, swans, flowers and trees are generally depicted. Most drawings are symbolic and encompass geometrical patterns, the swastika, lotuses, footprints and creepers too. Rangoli folk art is most prominent during the Diwali festival primarily because people visit each other’s homes to exchange greetings and to welcome the New Year.”

This timeless act of creation has received impetus since ancient times. In fact, entrances and walls of houses were bedecked with bright colours, not only during Diwali but also while celebrating occasions like weddings, births and religious days. As a resurgence of this ageless practice, Mrs. Sneha Sawant makes several rangoli patterns on auspicious events such as birthdays, Weddings, Inauguration and Functions too! “Using this imaginative method, one can use creativity to the hilt and also unite people as one,”.


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